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Model: sportsgear-450
Product DescriptionEvery player wants to throw harder with more accuracy, while protecting their arm.  Now they can! Since 1996, the ARM STRONG has been strengthening and protecting the arms of baseball players. Many coaches and parents give credit to the ARM STRONG for the increased velocity and ar..
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Model: sportsgear-48
Product DescriptionBTS - Replacement Top Tube.Fits our BBTD, BBT, BTRP and BT7 batting tees...
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Model: sportsgear-648
Product DescriptionOur premier batting tee made for the elite playerRubber weighted base with carrying handleTelescope height adjusts from 23” to 46”Steel shaft screws in to zinc-plated baseTop rubber tube folds over to absorb impactWeighs 12.25 lbs. for stabilityIncludes tube of glycerin lubricant ..
$40.00 $80.00
Model: sportsgear-289
Product Description"Quick Hands" Baseball & Softball Fielders Training Glove.TRG - Fielder’s mitt designed for players to learn how to stop & trap balls - especially grounders - with both hands.Slightly concave 8" diameter well padded ball strike area "deadens" the ball & provides an unr..
$12.50 $25.00
Model: sportsgear-488
Product DescriptionSolid Rubber Base Set with waffle grip bottoms and beveled edges.Set of 3.SB1-WhiteSB1O-OrangeSB1Y-Yellow..
$25.00 $50.00
Model: sportsgear-228
Product DescriptionSolid Rubber Hot Sale Plate with waffle grip bottoms and beveled edges.HB2W-WhiteHB2O-OrangeHB2Y-Yellow..
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Model: sportsgear-556
Product DescriptionAdd convenience to your practices with Bownet's Multi-Sport Ball Caddy. Measuring 35" tall, the ball caddy holds 40 softballs, 80 baseballs, and 90 tennis balls at hip level to ensure an uninterrupted coaching experience on the field and in the gym. It is constructed from a lightw..
$30.00 $60.00
Model: sportsgear-817
Product DescriptionImprove your players' batting and hitting skills during soft toss practice and get full protection with Bownet's Portable Soft Toss Practice Net. The resilient 7' x 7' practice net is preferred by coaches and softball players to protect themselves from line drives and swings while..
$56.10 $140.00
Model: sportsgear-1270
Product DescriptionBownet’s 8’ Hitting Cube is perfect for any coach or player who is looking for extra protection when hitting. The Cube allows you to get inside the net for added protection for players and bystanders. PLAY ANYWHERE. - PLAY NOW!® Lightweight and portable hitting cube, allowing you ..
$90.00 $540.00
Model: sportsgear-866
Product DescriptionIncreased StabilityHeavier gauge steel 7' x 7' base will stay balanced on any surface and withstand the hardest hits and pitches from the most elite athletes.Fewer PartsThe NEW one-piece base BOW™ frame is hassle free because there are fewer parts to lose. The connector (patented)..
$58.10 $160.00
Model: sportsgear-617
Product DescriptionBownet is proud to introduce the Bownet Fungo Bat. Extremely durable construction, sleek design, and with various colors offered, this Fungo Bat is sure to be a coach's favorite. 2 1/4" barrelPoplar woodUltra light - 16 ounce weight drop35" LengthAvailable in Black, Black Digi-Hex..
$37.50 $75.00
Model: sportsgear-393
Product DescriptionWho is it for? Coaches, hitting instructors or players wanting to incorporate one-handed hitting drills into their training.North American Maple Wood Short bat with regulation barrel Excellent training bat for one-handed hitting drills Great for top hand or bottom hand drills Also..
$17.50 $35.00
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