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Protective Gear

Model: sportsgear-186
Product DescriptionBownet brings advanced protection with the form-fitting Elbow Guard. The lightweight, comfortable Elbow Guard offers at-bat protection for baseball and softball players alike. The adjustable hook and loop strap makes wearing the protection guard comfortable for left or right hande..
$10.00 $20.00
Model: sportsgear-117
Product Description86% Polyester/14% Spandex spandex fabricContour fit constructionJacquard elastic waistbandCup is included..
$7.50 $15.00
Model: sportsgear-118
Product DescriptionPoly/spandex, 4-way stretch fabric with high-compression fitPoly/spandex PIN-DOT mesh insertsTrim fit designed specifically for womenIntegrated sliding pads provide bruise protection2" jacquard elastic waistband..
$7.50 $15.00
Model: sportsgear-113
Product DescriptionAdult catcher (College Only) / base coach helmetLightweight ABS plastic with cooling ventsDual layer foamMedium fits 7 - 7 1/8Large fits 7 1/4 to 7 3/8X-Large fits 7 1/2 - 7 5/8..
$7.00 $14.00
Model: sportsgear-248
Product DescriptionYou're seen as the captain on the field. As the one who is always expected to make the big play, and you can't afford to be held back or stopped by injuries, especially to your hands. With the EvoShield Catcher's Thumb Guard, you'll have customized protection that allows you to ma..
$12.50 $25.00
Model: sportsgear-525
Product DescriptionWhat separates the champion from the runner-up? When talent is a wash, grit and confidence determine the winner. Boost your confidence with the EvoShield Chest Guard. Designed to protect every athlete from direct chest impact, this shirt is designed to keep you on the field and in..
$30.00 $60.00
Model: sportsgear-319
Product DescriptionThe best players in the world bring our Gel-to-Shell protection to the plate with them. Take that protection to the next level with our all-new EvoShield Gel-to-Shell Hand Guard, designed to shield your lead hand during every at-bat. You can custom mold the guard over top of your ..
$15.00 $30.00
Model: sportsgear-508
Product DescriptionThe next generation is here with the all-new EvoShield Pro-SRZ™ Batter's Elbow Guard. The innovative & newly-engineered design gives you an enhanced ergonomic guard shape that contours to your body perfectly, giving you our lightweight and industry-leading protection. This new..
$27.50 $55.00
Model: sportsgear-320
Product DescriptionNothing screams "game-changer" more than the all-new EvoShield Pro-SRZ™ Protective Wrist Guard. The new seamless construction and lightweight materials bring the new wrist guard to a whole new level. Built with a pull tab for easy on and off applications and an inside pocket to fi..
$15.00 $30.00
Model: sportsgear-524
Product DescriptionTake the field with confidence with the new EvoShield Fastpitch Chest Guard. Designed to allow complete flexibility and utilizing EvoShield's patented Gel-To-Shell technology, no other chest protector on the market can match the protection and comfort that the EvoShield Chest Guar..
$30.00 $60.00
Model: sportsgear-446
Product DescriptionOwn the plate this season with the all-new EvoShield SRZ-1™ Batter's Elbow Guard. Available in 11 eye-popping colorways, this lightweight, incredibly durable design features our innovative Gel-to-Shell technology that transforms from soft and flexible to a hard, protective shield ..
$22.50 $45.00
Model: sportsgear-321
Product DescriptionG-Form Batter's Gloves provide the close fit and crucial grip hitter's need and add strategically placed impact-absorbing SmartFlex™ pads at the wrist and back of the hand so you can swing away without fear. Featuring SmartFlex™: Flexible During Play. Hardens on Impact. Body-mapp..
$15.00 $30.00
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