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Model: sportsgear-663
Product DescriptionFor the beginner or recreational player, adult sized mitt offers many features found in our elite level gloves.Pre softened leather on the inside of the mitt allows for instant break-in and the black leather backing provides more support to the mitt.Pro formed pocket, profiled toe..
$40.00 $80.00
Model: sportsgear-852
Product DescriptionThis AF-Elite Series catcher’s mitt is designed for advanced fastpitch catchers playing at an elite travel ball through college level. Its unique single hinge design allows the mitt to close naturally while maintaining a wide heel. For the player, the single hinge design increases..
$57.10 $150.00
Model: sportsgear-657
Product DescriptionThe All-Star Fastpitch Pro Ball 33.5 Inch Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt was specifically designed for the younger softball player, although this glove is smaller, it doesn't lack in quality. Double heel breakVelcro closures33.5 Inch Catcher's Pattern..
$40.00 $80.00
Model: sportsgear-947
Product DescriptionThe PRO-ADVANCED™ catching mitts feature Japanese tanned US steer hide and heavy duty rawhide laces.The popular black/tan leather combination gives these mitts proper support and extended life.These mitts have extended pockets as well as adjustable Velcro openings. Great for advan..
$62.10 $200.00
Model: sportsgear-738
Product DescriptionThe PRO-COMP™ mitts offer many features found in our elite level gloves.Select premium tanned cowhide leather and US grade rawhide lacing make this a mitt loaded with value for the price.Special contrasting index finger padding and our popular black and tan color combination add s..
$50.00 $100.00
Model: sportsgear-487
Product DescriptionThe CM1011 is designed as an entry level catcher's mitt but mimics the look of our high end youth and adult mitts.It features our classic black and tan leather look and uses a proven stitching pattern.Mitt includes Velcro closure, Flex Action crease, and profiled toe.31.5 inch pat..
$25.00 $50.00
Model: sportsgear-625
Product DescriptionGame ready durable leatherFlat two-piece webOpen-back styling31" circumference..
$39.00 $78.00
Model: sportsgear-677
Product DescriptionGame ready durable leatherFlat two-piece webOpen-back styling32" circumference..
$42.50 $85.00
Model: sportsgear-708
Product DescriptionSpecially tanned leatherFlat two-piece webOpen-back styling32.5" circumference..
$45.00 $90.00
Model: sportsgear-783
Product DescriptionSelect premium tanned cowhide leatherFlat two-piece webOpen-back styling33" circumference..
$53.60 $115.00
Model: sportsgear-699
Product DescriptionGame ready durable leather designed for younger and smaller handsDouble post H-web31.5" circumference..
$45.00 $90.00
Model: sportsgear-789
Product DescriptionSelect premium tanned cowhide leatherDouble post H-web with split-back adjustable hand closure33.5" circumference..
$54.10 $120.00
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